Introduction to Dungeons and Dragons

An explanation of Dungeons and Dragons for beginners. It explains the basics of the game and how to create a character.


Introduction to Roll20

An explanation of Roll20, the website used for playing Dungeons and Dragons. Coming soon.


Character sheet information

Coming soon.


Basic rules (pdf download)

A downloadable PDF file with the basic rules of D&D. It is not necessary to know the rules as a beginning player. After playing a couple of times, it's beneficial to read more about how D&D works.


Players Handbook (printer-friendly download)

A printer-friendly download of the Players Handbook. All the information that you need to create a character. Don't worry, you don't need to know anything to start to play. 


Handbooker Helper (YouTube)

There are many YouTube channels with information about D&D. This explains a lot of things about the Players Handbook.